Welcome to BLPS

Bright Lands Public school has been opened with the vision to provide not only a quality and value based education but to give every child an opportunity to grow up naturally and develop their, personality to face all the new challenges of the Global World.The aim of the school is to empower individuals with knowledge, skills, values and cultural identity. So that they may excel in their chosen fields. Self discipline and sense of responsibility are the qualities we foster, to provide a firm foundation for the years ahead. We seek to encourge the awareness of the need for courtesy and consideration for others.


"The Quality Norm" of BLPS is to Include high Moral, Ethical and Prrofessional amongst students to fecilitate the development in students to make an effective source of manpower for the nation.


The Moto of the school is-
"We Learn to Serve a Progressive Approach to Education."
To make this possible our school has brought all the modern facilities to educate them culturally, aesthetically and morally.


We at Bright Lands prepare the Child to meet the Challenges Emerging in the Competitive World.