Fee structure

Class Admission Fee
(New Student)
Annual Fee(All Students)
Tution Fee
Exam activity charges
Monthly Quarterly Annually
Nur to UKG350018001225367514700990
I to V 350018001322396615864990
VI to VIII350018001425427517100990

Rules & Regulations

1. We do not take any security money. So we do not refund any amount.
2. Please note that we are not responsible for admission of your child to another school. We are only responsible for good standard of education.
3. Tuitions are not allowed in this school. Please do not contact any school teacher for this purpose.
4. The principal has a right to stop a child from attending the school if and when:
a). Fees have not been paid despite repeated reminders.
b). The child is rude and disobedient inspite of warnings.
c). The child indulges in any sort of bad behavior.
d). The child is irregular in attending school.
5. Please see that the child comes to school regularly and punctually. The child should attend the morning P.T and prayers. Late comers will be punished.
6. Allow only a reliable person to come punctually to fetch your child after school. He must have the authority Card.
7. Please see that the child is collected in time after school.
8. Please write the name, class and section on all your child's belongings. We are not responsible and careful about his/her belongings.
9. The child should not be given any pocket money to buy sweets, ice creams etc. from hawkers. Do not give toys or balls to play with when they come to school. The child can be distracted on the road.
10. We do not accept any sweets or presents except Greeting Cards Children are encouraged to give handmade cards.
11. Do not give any loans or tips to the workers.
12. The school has a library and encourages the children to read. Please teach your child to handle books carefully and return to them on the fixed date.

General Guidelines for parents/Guardians/Students

The school lays stress on perfect discipline at all the time in the school and even out of it. Disregard to the authorities and the rules of the school are viewed seriously and are considered as a breach of the school discipline.
Immorality ,insubordination, or contempt of the authorities breaking bounds and neglect the studies are always sufficient reasons inviting a serious and immediate action. The School reserves to itself the right of not readmitting a student who is steadily unsatisfactory or whose conduct may be harmful to other students and the school. Parents/guardians are requested to follow the following guidelines:
1. They should not enter the classrooms to see their wards or the teachers without the permission of the principal.
2. They should inform the school if there is any change in the address or telephone number.
3. Leave or half day should not be asked for. In an emergency written permission must be taken from the principal and the class teacher.
4. In case the parents, guardians are themselves unable to come to take the child from the school, then only the authorized person should be sent. Child should not be sent with anyone else.
5. Children when sick, should not be send to attend the classes.
6. Parents are advised to grant pocket money to their children very judiciously. It should not exceed 10/- Per Day.
7. It there is any legitimatic complaint. Please meet the principal or write to him in a separate letter. He will look into the matter personally.
8. Any communication made by the Parents/Guardians should be addressed to the principal only and not to any other person.
9. The name admission number, class section should be clearly marked on the belongings such as bags, books jerseys, Tiffin boxes water bottles etc. for the children.
10. Parents are advised to co-operate with the school in its attempt to help their child's progress by paying attention to their regularity, punctuality and discipline and by taking interest in their home-work and other instructions in their school diaries regularly to see if any notice or other circular has been issued.
11. Children attending school without proper uniform or untidy in person or dress will not be allowed to attend the classes.
12. Fine as decided from time to time will be imposed from late coming and absence without leave.
13. If a child is caught using unfair means in any examination class test, he/she will be awarded a 'zero' in the subject.
14. Parents are requested not to approach Bright Lands Public School for private tuitions.
15. Parents must attend the Parents-Teacher meeting. In case they are likely to be out of station, prior information in written should be sent to the principal and immediately on their return, they should contact the principal who will arrange the interview with the concerned teacher.
16. Case must be taken to all properties because any damage caused by a student will be made good by the student concerned. In addition a fine may also be imposed for the offence.
17. All students are expected to maintain silence, discipline in the classrooms, academic area or while going for various activites.
18. Parents are advised to see to it positively that their children should not bring to the school valuable articles like expensive pens, watches, transistors, calculators, gold chains and other jewelry etc. In case of any loss of any articles in the school the authorities will not take any responsibility for the loss.
19. Parents are advised to inculcate among their children good behavior, moral values ,good habits so that they not only are recognized by the uniform they wear but their behavior and conduct as the students of bright lands public school.
20. Parents are requested to encourage self-helping work and study at home the children should be asked to do their own work like polishing the shoes, making their beds, keeping things tidily with care, the formation of such habits early in life inculcates in them the idea of dignity of labour and a feeling of self-reliance.
21. Whenever the parents/guardians come to the school for any work connected with their ward they should bring the fee book along.
22. Parents should take pride in the fact that their ward is studying in Bright Lands Public School which is one of the best institutions. This will go long way in further developing sense of pride among their wards.

Examination Rules

a). A child will be allowed to appear for the final exam only if the attendance is atleast 75%.
b). A child will be allowed to appear for the exams only if the dues have been cleared.
c). If a child is absent for more than a week without an application, his/her name will be stuck off from the enrolment register-
(i) The fees will not be accepted.
(ii)The child will not be allowed to appear for the examination.
d). There will be three examination and monthly tests in the year. A child has to pass atleast in two exams out of three to be promoted.
e). Written examination will be held only according to the time table. We shall neither take them before nor after the scheduled date.
f). Daily work and regular attendance are also important for promotion to next class at the end of the year. Marks for the same will be allotted.
g). Stationery for the exam will be provided by the school on charging exam fees from the parents.
h). A child caught cheating will be punished, so please teach her/him honesty.
i). Answer sheets can be seen by the parents only the day of the declaration of the result only. (The date and timing will be announced)
j). No promotion to the next class is granted in between the session. The child has to complete the session and appear for the examination.
(i) In classes upto VIII to pass an exam; a student must obtain not less than 33% marks in each subject an should have an aggregate of 35% for promotion.
(ii) In classes upto VIII a student failing in one or two subjects may be granted promotion provide he or she has secured at least 30% marks in each of the failing subject and has an aggregate of 33%.

Important Information


All students must have a minimum of 75% of attendance, failing which they will not be permitted to appear at the final examination. However the attendance by 15% only in the medical cases and under special circumstances.

School Timings

The academic year of the school is divided into two terms:
Summer Term : April to October
Timing : 7:30a.m. - 1:00p.m.
Winter Terms : November to March
Timing : 8:30a.m. - 1:30p.m.
Note: Change in school timing will be notified.

Interaction schedule Principal

Summer : 8:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.
Winter : 9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.